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About Legal Aid

Access to Justice
The Legal Services Corporation has been entrusted with a dual mission: to provide equal access to justice and to ensure the delivery of high-quality civil legal assistance to low-income Americans.

Serving Veterans and Military Families
Local legal aid offices are gateways for veterans in need of civil legal assistance. Many veterans and military families confront legal problems—involving employment, homelessness and child custody—that are handled on a regular basis by LSC-funded programs.

Keeping Families in Their Homes
A roof over one’s head is a basic necessity, but many low-income Americans live in substandard, even dangerous, housing. They may face unfair landlord practices, seriously defective living conditions and predatory lending. LSC-funded programs help clients resolve landlord-tenant disputes, mortgage-related issues and find counseling on housing matters.

Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence
Legal services programs protect families—whether the case involves adoption, divorce, custody and visitation rights or parental rights. Safety and protection of children are priorities of legal aid programs, especially when a case involves domestic violence.