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FOIA Electronic Public Reading Room

Notices of Meetings of the LSC Board of Directors

Non-Confidential Materials Considered At Meetings of the LSC Board of Directors and Its Committees

Matters for Comment

Strategic Planning

Development of Regulatory Agenda

Rulemaking Protocol

Final Determinations under 45 CFR Section 1630.7 

Rulemaking Notices

Rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1602 - Freedom of Information Act

Rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1604 - Outside Practice of Law

Rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1606: Termination and debarment procedures; recompetition

Rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1609 - Fee Generating Cases

Rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1611 - Financial Eligibility

Rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1618 - Enforcement procedures

Rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1621 - Client Grievance Procedures

Rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1623 - Suspension procedures

Rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1624 - Prohibition Against Discrimination on the Basis of Disability

Rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1626 - Restrictions on Legal Assistance to Aliens

Rulemaking: 45 CFR Part 1639 - Welfare Reform

 Rulemaking - "Alternative Sanctions"


REMOVAL of Regulation

Removal of 45 CFR Part 1631


Grant Competition

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Policy Statements & Interpretations

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Administrative Manuals/Instructions Affecting Public or Recipients

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Other Records of General Interest

FOIA Reports

LSC Annual Reports

National Conversation on Gender & Diversity

National Dialogue on Gender and Justice
March 31, 2001

Erlenborn Commission Report

Program Visit Reports

Other Records of General Interest